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3 Mistakes that Kill Facebook Marketing Campaigns of 99% Realtors

3 Mistakes that Kill Facebook Marketing Campaigns of 99% Realtors

There are three mistakes that almost 99% of real estate professionals make while trying to generate leads from Facebook marketing and ads.
3 Mistakes that Kill Facebook Marketing Campaigns of 99% Realtors

Realtors try every trick in the book to drive real estate leads from Facebook.

They read hundreds of blogs to learn how to market their brand on this social media platform. They even invest in online courses to learn some easy-to-implement strategies.

But they remain stuck exactly where they began:

Zero Leads!

If this sounds like you, stop wasting your time on these fruitless Facebook real estate advertising campaigns, right now.


Instead, try to find out what you are doing wrong when hundreds of thousands of businesses are raking in leads from Facebook and making millions of dollars every single day.

After analyzing hundreds of Facebook pages in this niche, I realized that there are three mistakes that almost 99% of real estate professionals make while trying to generate leads from Facebook marketing and advertising.

Mistake#1: They focus on engagement, instead of conversion

You may be tempted to hit the blue ‘Boost Post’ button on your Facebook page after posting a link to your latest blog, but the question you need to ask is – is this taking you anywhere?

Simply because it costs just a couple dollars to get a few likes, should you promote your posts blindly – without having any idea how much ROI you can expect?

The answer is – no.

When you run a Facebook campaign, the most important thing to ensure is that your primary objective is to get leads.

Only a few real estate professions bother to learn about Facebook Pixels before running an advertising campaign.

It means they don’t want to know how well their ads are converting.

They just go to Facebook Insight and look at how many people have liked their posts, how many of them have shared it, what time of the day they should post updates etc.

It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep an eye on how engaged your Facebook fans and followers are; but a more important thing you should focus on is how many of these so-called ‘engaged ‘fans’ are converting into real estate leads.

As shown in the image below, you can track nine types of standard events, using Facebook Pixels:

Learning Facebook Pixels

If you are missing out on this goldmine of information related to conversion, you are sure to fail at Facebook marketing and continue to waste your money and time.

If you are not tech-savvy, you can outsource your real estate Facebook advertising campaigns. You can hire someone to help you set up Facebook Pixels and track conversion for every real estate Facebook campaign you run.

Mistake#2:  They don’t know how to retarget real estate leads

Let’s say, for example, that a prospect that might turn into a lead liked your latest blog post or property listing.

He clicked the link to the post and landed on your website.

Nine times out of ten, the lead will leave your website, never to return.

Now what?

A savvy real estate professional will have a conversion funnel in place to capture this lead and nurture it (more on this later).

But how do you track this lead?

Well, you need to know about Facebook Retargeting in order to remarket your brand to the person who visited your website.

Facebook provides retargeting functionality through Custom Audiences. You just need to install a snippet of code on your website and you can reach visitors with an advert when they use Facebook.

retargeting real estate leads on Facebook

Mistake#3: They don’t have a conversion funnel in place

When you run a Facebook ad, your primary focus should be on leading prospects to your highly optimized landing pages.

Your landing page should then lead your prospects to take some action like signing up for a home buying guide or reserving a seat for a home buyers’ seminar.

You then need to run drip email campaigns in order to nurture these leads.

In a nutshell, you can’t afford to run an advert as a separate aspect of real estate lead generation. It’s a tiny part of the whole conversion funnel.

Introducing a lead to your brand and then leading it to become a solid prospect should be the primary focus of your Facebook marketing campaigns.

The Bottom Line

Well, next time when you hit the ‘Boost Post’ button, think what you are getting in return.

Better still, don’t do this at all.

Instead, focus on collecting as many emails as possible when you run a campaign.

And, have a conversion funnel in place to turn leads into clients.

Coming up with a conversion funnel is not easy. You need to prepare a strategy and test it time and again before you finalize a conversion funnel. You will fail many times, but at least you will learn something.

Learning from a botched-up conversion funnel is much better than just hitting the ‘Boost Post’ button and feeling excited over a few likes or shares.

Don’t you agree?

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