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94 Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents: The Complete List

94 Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents: The Complete List

I have put together this massive list of Facebook marketing tips (and, will show how some real estate professionals are using them successfully).
94 Facebook Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents: The Complete List

If your Facebook page is crowded with only property listings, you definitely don’t know how to use Facebook marketing for real estate lead generation.

Facebook marketing for most real estate agents is limited to setting up a business page and posting an insane number of property listings, day in and day out.

While working with professionals in this niche, I realized most real estate agents struggle to come up with unique Facebook marketing ideas. That’s why they post only listings, just to keep the page updated.

I have put together this massive list of Facebook marketing tips (and will show you how some real estate professionals are using them successfully) which will get your creative juices flowing the next time you update your page:

Setting up your page

1. Set up a business page:

You are making a big mistake if you are using only your personal account for business. Your first step towards Facebook marketing should be to set up a page dedicated to your real estate brand.

One of the biggest disadvantages of a Facebook profile is that you can’t exceed the limit of 5000 friends. On the other hand, you can build up a following of millions of people with a page.

A personal profile doesn’t give you access to Facebook Insight (more on this later) which can help you increase engagement of your fans big time.

Tabs are a powerful tool that you can use on your Facebook page only, not your personal profile.

And above all, you can’t promote your personal profile through paid advertising on Facebook, probably one of the cheapest social media marketing platforms for real estate agents and brokers.

Using business for Facebook real estate marketing

2. Keep using personal profile

However, you should also use your Facebook profile to connect with your prospects on a personal level, particularly if you are active in small communities. You can like and share personal moments of other people’s lives such as birthdays or anniversaries.

You can use your personal profile to connect with not only your friends and family, but also influencers in your industry.Instead of a brand, they will prefer to communicate with a real person. However, if you make friends with random people, be very careful about privacy settings.

3. Use the right size for cover and profile images

Do you have an idea about the ideal size for your cover and profile photo? Here is the link to help you with this. You will obviously not want your cover or profile photo resized or cropped simply because it’s too big or too small.

Profile Picture

4. Make sure your profile photo represents your brand

Do you have an animated profile photo, completely unrelated to your real estate brand? Remove it immediately. This space is reserved for either your picture or your brand’s logo.

Wondering why I am putting so much stress on having a profile photo that looks professional. Well, in some cases, profile photo is more important than your page’s cover photo.

Your profile photo (not your cover picture) will appear in the news feed of your followers. It will also appear in posts on page’s timeline. Whenever you leave a comment on your page or someone else’s, it is your profile photo (not your cover photo) that will show up.

5. Don’t change your profile photo frequently

Unlike your Facebook cover image, you shouldn’t change your profile photo often. It represents your business and brand. You fans will end up confused if you change it frequently.

6. Make sure profile pic doesn’t overlap cover photo

If you are using your personal profile for business, make sure the profile photo doesn’t overlap the most important portions of your cover (if you are using your business logo as cover). I have found that nine times out of ten, the profile pic hides the tagline of the logo being used as cover.

Cover photo

7. Update cover image regularly

 When was the last time you updated your Facebook page’s cover? You probably don’t even remember. Apart from uploading beautiful images of homes that you are helping people buy or sell, you can put this most visible and prominent space on your Facebook page to better use by giving a little bit personal touch from time to time. Is Christmas around? Then your cover image can please your visitors and fans with Christmas greetings or special Christmas offers.

8. Avoid misleading or deceptive cover image

You should never use a cover that sounds misleading or deceptive. Such cover photos (for example, too many dollar signs while trying to coax investors into buying a fixture-upper) can tarnish your brand’s image.


9. Provide relevant information

Your Facebook page should have all the necessary contact information like website URL, phone number and office address.

10. Optimize About section

 Don’t forget to write a few lines about your brand and yourself in ‘description’ and ‘About’ sections.

Facebook CTAs

11. Cover image should carry a call-to-action tab

 Since Facebook introduced call-to-action tabs, they have become a great tool to generate leads. Your Facebook cover image must have some sort of call-to-action. If you are using Facebook Ads, your ads must have call-to-action tabs.

According to a study conducted by Adparlor, click-through-rate shot through the roof when an advert had a call-to-action tab. The most popular call-to-action tab among real estate agents is ‘Call Now’. But, you can get more creative with tabs in order to take you Facebook lead generation strategies to the next level. Go to the tab section below your cover image and click on ‘Edit’ button. You can choose any of the tabs showing up on the pop-up screen.

tabs for facebook marketing

  • Are you organizing a seminar for buyers? Have ‘Book Now’ tab for people to reserve a seat.
  • Have you recently launched an app? Have ‘Use App’ tab below your cover photo, featuring various advantages of the app.
  • Did you just update your cover image that features a great listing? You can use ‘Learn More’ tab to take your page fans directly to a landing page with more details about the listing.

12. CTAs should be relevant

 should serve their purpose of generating leads. If you have ‘Book Now’ tab, you should lead visitors to a very attractive landing page where they can reserve a seat for an event such as a webinar.


13. Use attractive visuals when promoting listings 

Promote your listings. Always use beautiful photographs of properties. Blurry and ugly images will not only drive your prospects away, but also reflect poorly on your marketing skills.

14. Regularly post informative content

If you are using your Facebook page just to promote your brand or listing, stop doing it immediately. The majority of the content should be geared towards helping your prospects overcome challenges related to buying and selling homes.

As a rule of thumb, if you are updating your page 10 times every day, eight of the posts should be focused on your clients and only two on promoting your brand.

15. Ask happy clients leave reviews for your Facebook page

Make your happy customers your brand ambassadors. Always ask them to leave reviews on your page. Facebook reviews is a feature which you can use to establish your credibility.

facebook reviews for realtors


16. Create a sense of urgency

If a listing has received multiple offers, create a sense of urgency among prospective buyers by promoting the fact that it is in high demand.


promoting multiple offers on Facebook

17. Promote your achievements

Have you sold a record number of homes in a week, month or a year? If so, promote your achievement on your Facebook page.

18. Promote your expertise

Have you been invited to be part of an experts panel on a famous TV show or in a conference? Have you been quoted in a newspaper story about your views on the property markets trends in your area? Obviously, you need to promote this as well.


promoting expertise through Facebook marketing


Personal touch

19. Always respond to comments

It not only helps you build a relationship with your fans, but also gives your Facebook page visitors an impression that you are a communicative, easy-to-access, and responsive professional.

20. Tag people

Tag people randomly whenever you post something interesting. Don’t go overboard, though. The person being tagged must at least know you personally or professionally. If you feel that a particular post may be of interest to a particular person, don’t hesitate to tag him or her.

21. Casual posts

 Randomly have ‘how are you doing, folks’ type of posts. Ask your family members and friends to chip in to push the conversation. You will see people randomly joining in.

22. Share personal moments

 Did you host a birthday party? Have you lost weight after a rigorous exercise regime? Well, these are the kind of posts that give a personal touch to your business. You should always share these with a sense of empathy and excitement.

personalize facebook marketing for real estate agents

23. Conduct surveys

You can pick a topic which is talk of the town and collect people’s opinion on it. If the issue at hand is related to real estate, that’s even better. Many brokers use surveys to ask for support to their team members when they are nominated for titles like ‘the best real estate agent of the year,’ or ‘the best managing broker of the year’.


Surveys Facebook Marketing


Types of posts

24. Listing posts

You should promote your listings actively. Instead of just using tax above the listing image, you can write important details of the property on the image itself.


optimizing images for facebook marketing for real estate agents


25. Market Trends

 You should share insightful articles related to property market trends in your area.

26. Home buying and selling guides

Share guides on buying and selling homes and investing in real estate.


sharing guides on Facebook marketing


27. Highlight little-known city or neighborhood features

Post not-very-commonly-known but surprising and attractive aspects of your city. Here is a great example:


covering unknown aspects of your city for Facebook marketing


28. Popular events in your community

Keep a tab on popular events in your communities.

  • Announce import dates,
  • Provide details of the event’s history. Use old photographs (the older, the better. A couple of black-and-white ones probably),
  • Share photographs after they have been organized,
  • Thank the community for making it a huge success,
  • Share what people may find interesting or humorous about the event.

29. Leverage Events feature

You must use ‘Events’ feature of Facebook to promote specific events. On the left side of your page, click on ‘Events’ and follow instructions to create an event. You can send invites also.

promoting real estate events on Facebook


If you follow the instructions, you event post should look something like this:


Creating real estate events on Facebook


30. DIY tips

Do-It-Yourself tips related to home improvement are quite popular among homeowners. You can hire a content writer to produce high quality DIY articles or better still, you can curate content from popular websites that provide DIY tips and share it with your audience.


DIY-tips-for-facebook real estate marketing


31. Holiday mood

Extensively cover holiday mood. It’s a no-brainer.

32. Review local businesses

You should from time to time review local businesses, restaurants, music concerts, movies etc. Recommend something to your audience only if you have used the services offered by these businesses yourself; for example, a delicious dish at a local restaurant that you think most people are unaware of.

Try to avoid negative reviews completely. When you write a positive review, reach out to those who run the concerned business and tell them about your post. They will most likely help you increase the number of fans by promoting your posts on their own page.


Facebook marketing by promoting local businesses


33. Partner with local businesses

To take this strategy to the next level, you can partner with some local businesses and mutually promote each-other’s posts. However, you need to ensure that your partners provide value to your fans and the content they post on their pages is valuable, relevant and interesting.

34. Discount and offer posts

If a local business is offering discounts or some special offer that has a mass appeal, you can definitely promote those on your page. Again, tell the owners you promoted their business.

35. Recommend other professionals

Can you recommend any home improvement or maintenance services to your fans? You can upload a pdf with details of your favorite vendors for your audience to download. Facebook provides this functionality.

36. Make your post images visually appealing

 Visually attractive posts tend to perform better. Use attractive fonts to write your blog’s title on the images.

images for real estate marketing on facebook


Content Formats

Diversity in the content formats is important to increase the organic reach of your posts. Apart from posting links to your latest blogs and property listings, you should use two other types of content formats.


videos for real estate Facebook marketing


37. Post Videos

An increasing number of real estate agents are using this content format to drive leads. Many are going to the extent of using drones to shoot videos of homes they are selling (particularly large estates or homes with beautiful surroundings).


Drones for facebook marketing


38. Infographics

Repurpose your blogs on home buying and selling tips and turn them into beautiful infographics. You can hire a graphic designer to create some infographics on buying and selling properties (or any other advice you want to give your audience such as home improvement, home inspection, escrow process, loan approval process etc.).

Viral Facebook marketing for realtors

At the beginning of this blog post, I said if your Facebook page is crowded with just property listings, you definitely don’t know how to use Facebook marketing for real estate lead generation. If you want to make your Facebook page go viral, your posts should have a potential of going viral on social media. And, these posts don’t have to be related to real estate or buying or selling homes at all. Read this wonderful article to see how some professionals posted viral content to get thousands of shares and likes on Facebook.

39. Share images of cute pets and animals,

Add some catchy tagline. A perfect example: “Such short little lives our pets have to spend with us, and they spend most of it waiting for us to come home each day”.

Viral facebook marketing for realtors


40. Share inspirational quotes

Here is an example: “A day without laughter is a day wasted”.

41. Promote your achievements

If you have been named as one of the top 100 realtors in your area, promote this achievement. Use graphics and your professional photo to make your message effective.


promoting achievements of realtors on Facebook


42. Come up with amazing offers

For example, if you have launched an app, you can offer cash incentives for a lucky winner from those who download it.

43. Post contests & quizzes (sometimes completely unrelated to real estate)

I am sure you have seen ‘how many squares are there in this image’ contest on your Facebook page with thousands of likes and shares.

44. Luxury homes

 Images of luxury homes with huge price tag often often go viral.

45. Trending topics

 Keep a tab on trending topics: be it a nasty discussion on presidential election or a celebrity affair going awry. Share it with your Facebook page’s fans. Patriotism and religion also invoke strong emotions among people. However, be careful while commenting on sensitive issues.

46. Popular events

Events and happenings that is the talk of the town. I would repeat what I said earlier: Try to give a unique twist to your coverage of the event. Something humors or emotional will do the trick.

47. Controversial discussions

Take sides in controversial discussions and stand your ground even if you are criticized. Remember there are always two sides of the coin.

48. Videos evoking emotions

Videos, evoking emotions, tend to go viral.


Giveaways & Offers

giveaway marketing on Facebook

49. Free CMA report

 Use your Facebook page to offer property sellers an opportunity to have a free comparative market analysis (CMA) conducted by you completely free of cost to know how much their home is worth.

50. Offer help with mortgage pre-approval process

 Use your Facebook page to offer buyers assistance in loan approval process or get pre-approved.

51. Free marketing kit

Offer sellers to get pictures of their homes completely free of cost which they can use for listing their homes online.

52. Contests and rewards

 Hold contests for home buyers and home sellers and offer winners some kind of reward. It could be cash reward or a ticket to a music concert or some popular game in your area. One simple contest that will cost you little money can generate dozens of leads.

53. Free seminar for home buyers and sellers

Promote buyers and sellers seminars – being organized by you – on Facebook with a caveat that there are limited seats and a contest will be held at the end of the seminar. Hold a Q&A and offer rewards to winners.

54. Promote the response from your audience

Whatever your giveaway is, keep your audience’s interest peaked all the time. For example, if 50 people have entered a contest you are organizing, you can create a sense of urgency by promoting on your page that so many people have already registered. You can also increase the amount or items of reward that you are giving away due to the ‘overwhelming response’ the contest is receiving.

55. Third-party services

Offer to pay costs of third party services like escrow fee, home inspection service etc.

56. Commission discount

Is Spring around? You can take advantage of possible increase in home buying and selling activities by offering massive discounts in your commission. Promote such offers on your Facebook page. If someone is interested in your discount, ask them to leave a positive review on your Facebook page after the closing.

57. Pinned posts

 Pinned posts are a great way to promote most important posts, particularly those which you use to offer special discounts. Pinned posts are basically posts that stay on the top of the news feed even if you update your page with new content.

58. Create a funnel

 One important thing you need to keep in mind is that giveaways should be used to generate leads, so whatever you offer to your prospects, you should collect their emails or other important information in exchange. You can use this information to launch drip email campaigns or nurture leads through other marketing funnels you may have put in place.


59. Organize community events

Apart from covering local events in your area, you can organize your own community events like local charity events, environmental awareness and school-related activities and promote them on Facebook. For example, many real estate agents organize shredding events and invite people to get rid of clutter. It’s an excellent idea to make people aware of their responsibilities with regard to environment protection and at the same time, connect with them on a personal level.


organizing community event and promoting on Facebook

60. Collect lead details

When you are organizing an event, put in place some kind of registration mechanism where people interested in participating can register, giving out details like email address and phone number.

61. Contests and giveaways during events

You can also give away prices or organize contests at these events.

Drive Traffic to your website

62. Use ‘Learn More’ CTA

Be it a special offer or giveaway, you can use tabs to direct your fans to certain pages of your website.

63. Posts article and listing links

It is quite obvious that all the links of blog posts and listings that you update on your page’s status will direct your fans to your website. Regularly updating your Facebook page will lead to increased click-through-rate (CTR) or in other words, clicks on the links.

Facebook Reach

64. Regular updates

With Facebook making major algorithm changes recently, posts on business pages have little reach if they are not relevant, informative and fresh. So update your page multiple times in a day with useful content.

65. Best time to post

Did you know if you update your page at certain times of the day, your posts will have a wider reach? It’s because people tend to use social media at certain times of the day. Though there are several studies on what are suitable times to post updates on a Facebook page, you should conduct your own tests to see what time in a day your posts have maximum reach. Schedule your most important posts accordingly.

66. Create more than one page

Many Facebook marketing experts suggest that creating multiple pages (only one directly associated with your brand, while others on broad topics related to your niche such DIY tips, home improvement, home inspection, mortgage etc.) can improve the reach of your posts. You can create a couple of extra pages and share industry-specific information on them, apart from occasionally sharing posts from your brand’s page.

67. Have your family and friends share and like posts

Facebook lets a post stay in the news feed longer if a lot of people like it and share it. Ask your friends and family members to like and share your posts. It will create the initial buzz, improving your posts’ reach. You should also ask them to leave relevant comments. However, keep in mind that the comments shouldn’t look spammy.

68. Links with images or videos

 Studies have found that links with images and videos have better reach than the links without. So always ensure that if you are sharing a link to your latest blog post, your news feed has a catchy image or video to go with it.

Facebook group

69. Join relevant groups

Facebook groups are an excellent way to connect with your prospects as well other professionals in your industry. There are Facebook groups for almost every niche, city and area. Join relevant groups where people share home improvement ideas or information on housing market trends in your area. However, you need to use your personal profile to join groups.

70. Share your content in groups

Share the most important posts of your page in these groups. These could be links to your latest blog or a very attention grabbing listing on the market.

71. Join the conversation

Like and share other people’s posts. If you do, they will most likely return the favor.

72. Create your own Facebook group

You can create your own group. To begin with, ask your friends and family members to join it. You can then slowly increase the number of members by encouraging useful and interesting conversations.

73. Encourage conversation

Know what encourages conversation and participation of members on your group. Pose questions and personalize your posts by directly addressing particular group members.

Facebook Ads

74. Target the right audience

 This is going to one of the most important tricks to learn if you want to take real estate marketing on Facebook to the next level. There are many strategies you can learn, but 90% of your focus should be on location, age group, interest, behavior, income, and job title when you create a Facebook Ad.


audience targeting on facebook

75. Choose the right objective

You can create many types of campaigns based on your marketing objective:

  • You can boost you posts,
  • Send people to your website,
  • Promote your page,
  • Reach people near your business,
  • Collect leads for your business,
  • Get video views,
  • Get people to claim your offer,
  • Increase conversions on your website.

types of real estate promotions on Facebook

…And much more. Whatever your marketing objective is, you need to make sure that you have maximum conversion for minimum advertising costs.

76. Geo farming

Always use zip codes to be very specific about locations.

77. Interest targeting

Be very particular about interests. You have to think out of box in order to determine what sorts of interests you should target. For example, people interested in mortgage approval can be your target audience. Besides, a great example of target behavior of people is ‘likely to move’.

Try to narrow down age group and income as much as possible. For example, if you have a booming job sector in your area, you can target in your ads millennials, looking for starter homes.

A great trick is to use Google Keyword Planner tool and try to find out what keywords your targeting is typing into Google when they start their search for homes online. For example, ‘starter homes in (your city)’. Then verify if Facebook suggests the same interest (matching your keyword). Keep in mind that some of these keywords can be very costly.

78. Reach people near your business

Since real estate is a local business, the most popular option on Facebook for you to target your prospects is obviously ‘Reach People Near Your Business’ ads. You can target people in a radius of particular number of miles. Click Create Advert > Reach People Near Your Business to create an ad. It’s a great option where you can target people in your community for very low advertising costs.

79. Track conversions

 Always keep an eye on your conversion rate. For example, if your marketing objective is Facebook likes, go to ‘breakdown’ section in your advert dashboard and look at the following metrics:

  • People from which gender are liking your page the most
  • People from which age group
  • People using which device (mobile or desktop)
  • What time of the day people

Now you need to go to your campaign and change your settings to target the audience that has a high conversion rate. It will not only improve the conversion rate, it will also bring down advertising costs dramatically.

80. A/B testing

The biggest secrete behind a Facebook ad’s success is that you need to split test your campaigns. Change text, images, fonts in the images etc. and see which advert is converting the most.

Facebook Insights

Using Facebook insights for real estate marketing

81. Facebook Insights

  You need to have a little bit of advanced technical know-how with regard to Facebook Insights to understand what types of posts you should share more frequently. Go to your page and click on Insights.

There are three things you need to take a closer look at: a graph that shows the reach of your posts, another graph that shows engagement of your page fans and (if you are using Facebook ads), then see which organic and which paid posts had the maximum likes, shares and comments.

You can easily determine what types of posts are most popular among your target audience, so that you can share these frequently.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live – the latest feature of the world’s biggest social media platform – has become a rage in the real estate industry. Here is how you can jump on the bandwagon and generate an amazing number of leads in a short period using this feature:

Facebook live for real estate marketing

82. Live home buying and selling tips

Instead of bombarding your fans with home buying and home selling tips through blogs and infographics all the time, you can make these tips very interesting by broadcasting them in real time.

If you want to give your fans some tips on how to conduct a final walk-through, you can take your camera along and broadcast in real time how you are assisting a client with final walk-through before closing. (Don’t embarrass the client, though).

83. A live open house

Many prospective buyers don’t have time to attend open houses. Why don’t you host a Facebook Live Q&A session during an open house and encourage prospective buyers to ask you questions on challenges they are facing. You can also show them them around the house from the comfort of their homes.

84. Newest listing information

Is a great house up for sell? You can go live with a personal tour of the house.

85. Neighborhood tours

Most buyers want to know about amenities surrounding a home. Facebook Live can be a great tool to give your prospects an opportunity to know about the neighborhood in real time.

86. Promote Facebook Live sessions

Before hosting a Facebook Live session, you should post its details multiple times on your business page as well as your personal Facebook account. What time are you going to host the session? What is the value proposition? Use unique texts in your post each time you promote an upcoming session.

87. Contests during Facebook Live

You can peak your fans’ interest by announcing to organize a live contest at the end of the session and reward a few winners.


88. Use automation tools

You must already be juggling with many other pressing obligations like capturing and nurturing leads, so updating your Facebook page can be a big pain, particularly if you have to do it multiple times in a day.

The best solution is to automate some of the repetitive tasks related to Facebook marketing. There are many tools in the market that will help you automate your Facebook marketing, like automatically fetching new posts from your blog’s RSS feed and publishing them on Facebook.

If you are just starting out, Buffer is a great tool for your needs. The basic plan is free; however, you may need to go premium to take advantage of more advanced and result-oriented features.

89. Publish at the best time of the day

Go to Facebook Insight and see what time of the day your posts have the maximum reach. You can automate your most important Facebook updates at those times.

90. Don’t post very frequently

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you shouldn’t bombard your fans with new posts every single minute.

91. Track automation results

 Keep testing the results you get from automation from time to time and tweak your publishing schedule, nature of posts etc. accordingly.

Competition Analysis

92. Get ideas from competitors

If you want to say ahead of other real estate agents in Facebook marketing, you need to keep a hawk eye on competition. You need to regularly check what strategies other real estate agents are using to rake in leads through Facebook marketing. There is no harm fine-tuning these strategies to suit your needs and using them in your own Facebook marketing campaigns.

93. Use tools to find the best ideas

There are many tools available to find out which type of posts were liked and shared on the Facebook pages of your competitors. Use these tools to put together a list of most shared and liked posts and create similar types of posts on a regular basis.

94. Test different content formats

Try to find out which content format your competitors are using, but you aren’t. Is your competitor posting videos that are helping them generate leads? You are missing out on leads if you aren’t doing the same thing.

In Conclusion

Well, this was a massive list and it took me a while to put it together.

I wanted to take the number to 100, but I simply couldn’t. If you can add a tip (not mentioned in this post) to the list and help me reach my target, I will really appreciate it. My giveaway for you will be to send you a customized Facebook marketing plan.

If you implement just two of the tips every day, you won’t run out of Facebook marketing ideas for three months!!!

Please share this article if it helped you with your Facebook marketing campaigns in any way.

And, feel free to leave a comment below to let me know your thoughts on this post.

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