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5 awesome free image and graphic design tools for real estate agents

5 awesome free image and graphic design tools for real estate agents

Awesome tools that can help you turn ordinary images into beautiful graphics. And the good news is most of these are free.5 awesome free image and graphic design tools for real estate agents

Images are crucial to the success of content marketing in any industry, but they are a ‘lifeline’ when it comes to real estate niche.

From property listings to blog posts and social media updates, real estate agents need images at every step.

While there are lots of galleries to get free royalty free images for real estate marketing, you probably already know their quality sucks. You will do your brand a disservice if you use poor quality images. Instead of serving their purpose of increasing traffic and engagement, they will drive prospects away.

You can buy highly quality images from premium stock photo agencies, but it can burn a big hole in your pocket.


So here I am going to introduce you to a few awesome tools that can help you turn ordinary images into beautiful graphics. And the good news is most of these are free.


If you aren’t already using Pablo, you should start using it right away. You can use the awesome features of this tool free of cost without even logging in.

Free Image Tools for Real Estate Agents

You can use Pablo to add:

  • Title of your latest blog’s headline on images
  • Add inspirational quotes on images and share them on social media.
  • Add basic details like asking price on listing photographs.

You can choose from a library of pre-saved images and fonts to get your creative juices flowing. Click here to go to Pablo dashboard and start creating beautiful social media images for real estate right now.

Because the tool has been created by Buffer, you can put your images in queue on Buffer to share them automatically with your audience.

You also can also download an image after designing it on Pablo and use it on your real estate website.

You can even download a Chrome extension of the tool with an awesome functionally.  Here is the link.

If you download the Chrome extension, you don’t even have to open the Pablo dashboard every time you want to use this tool. You just need to hover over an image and a Pablo icon will appear in the right bottom corner. A soon as you click the icon, the Pablo dashboard will open in a new window.


It’s yet another tool that real estate professionals can use for a variety of purposes:

free-images-and-graphics for-real-estate-agents-1

  • Prepare cover for your ebooks
  • Add quotes or text on your social media and blog post updates
  • Create blog graphics
  • Prepare presentations and cards

Canva provides custom dimension functionality. You can change the size of the image as per your requirement.


You can also use frames, shapes and icons from its vast library. Some templates are premium (most cost $1), while others are completely free.


Do you use screenshots as images? If you do, you should use Skitch to draw arrows or highlight important portions of an image with square and round mark-ups.


You can also write notes on images using Skitch. You can download a Chrome extension (here is the link), capture screenshots and add shapes and text.

You can upload a PDF and add mark-ups. Skitch can be a handy tool to highlight main points in your ebooks.

This tool is primarily used for creating infographics.

You can re-purpose your blogs into beautiful infographcis within minutes with help of this tool.

If you wrote a guide on home buying or home selling, you can present the information in a very easy-to-understand way by highlighting the main points with an infographic.


Hiring a designer to create an infographic will cost you hundreds of dollars, but you can create basic infographic completely free of cost. You can upgrade to pro account for only $3 per month.

While you can use 600 images and 10-plus fonts for free, the premium account gives you access to more than 680,000 free images and 50-plus fonts. Dozens of professionally designed templates are also added every week.


If you run into an inspirational quote and want to share it with your audience, you don’t even have to log into your computer.

You can download Over app and use your smartphone to customize images by adding colors, text and quotes. You can share these customized images with your audience immediately.



With these tools at your disposal, you don’t need to hire a designer or use complex designing software programs such as Photoshop or CorelDRAW. You can tweak images on your own within minutes and share them with your audience through social media and website content.

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