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The Perfect Facebook Ads Funnel Formula for Real Estate

The Perfect Facebook Ads Funnel Formula for Real Estate

The Perfect Facebook Ads Funnel Formula for Real Estate

Creating a sales funnel is a very important step when promoting your real estate brand with Facebook advertising. But since creating a highly-converting sales funnel takes a lot of time, planning, testing and patience, most real estate professionals including agents, brokers and real estate investors don’t give it much thought. This increases their cost-per-result.

In this guide, I am going to explain different elements of a real estate Facebook ads funnel and how to create one for generating leads online:

Coming up with a Call-to-Action

The first step is to come up with a Call-to-Action (CTA) prompt.

You should determine what action you would want your prospects to take.

The CTA should address the pain points of property buyers, sellers and investors depending on which stage of buying or selling process they are in.

For example, if you want to promote your services as a realtor, you should tryo to target people who are in an initial stage of property buying or selling process. You can promote video testimonials and reviews in this case.

On the other hand, if you are targeting active buyers or sellers, you may want to promote active listings, featured properties that have reported a price drop or something like that.

An important thing to consider is that your choice of CTA will determine whether or not your ad falls in the Facebook’s Special Ads Category. For example, when you promote listings, you can’t use certain targeting options such as age gender, zip code and race. However if you promote lead magnets which educate your prospects about the home buying and selling process, you can use all the targeting options that Facebook provides.

special ads category

In a recent article, I discussed all types of lead magnets (CTAs) that real estate professionals can use when running Facebook ads.

Here are two most important things to keep in mind when creating a CTA:

  • Exchange something free (such as a free home valuation service or face-to-face consultation) in exchange for contact details of your leads.
  • The CTA must be very specific and powerful. You need to create a buyer persona in order to come up with a CTA that addresses the pain points of your target audience depending on which stage of buying or selling process they are in.

What happens after leads click your Facebook ads

Another important element of Facebook ads funnel for real estate or any other industry for that matter is the landing page.

Many people will click on your Facebook ad and land on page which asks them to fill out their contact details. If the majority of these people are leaving without leaving their contact details, it means your landing page is not effective.

home listing

Here are a few best Facebook ads landing page practices that you should follow:

  • There shouldn’t be any distractions on the landing page. It means that you should get rid of header, menus, navigation, sidebars and other usual elements of a web page. Its whole purpose should be to prompt your leads to provide their contact details in exchange for the lead magnet.
  • Stay true to your word and provide exceptional value to your leads for providing you their contact details. For example, if you promised a home buying guide in form of an eBook, it should have very personalized content and should be very comprehensive and well designed.
  • Use an email service which instantly delivers the eBook.

Facebook ad copy

Start creating a Facebook ad only after you are absolutely sure of the effectiveness of your CTA and landing page.

When you have an excellent CTA and landing page, it will easier to create an ad copy and choose relevant images or videos for your ad.

In a recent article, I discussed some important things you need to keep in mind when writing copy and choosing photos and videos for your Facebook ad.

Create an email drip campaign

Needless to say, once you start running your ads you would get leads and you would try to convert them into paying clients.

While offering free consultation over phone or face-to-face is still the best way to convert leads in the real estate industry, you should also create an email drip campaign.

You know that the decision-making process for buyers and sellers is usually very long. It takes weeks, even months for people to make up their mind.

By regularly sending emails to these people, you would make sure that they keep you in mind whenever they are ready to take the plunge.

So these are the four most important elements of a Facebook ads funnel. Try them and let me know in comments what kind of result you are getting.

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