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Real Estate Websites with Lead Generation Tools

The world’s most flexible real estate website solution is here. Cost-effective, SEO-friendly and conversion-optimized websites that are guaranteed to increase organic traffic and help you generate more leads online. Stop making crazy recurring payments. With us, pay once and generate leads forever with free marketing tools.

Flexible and Hassle-free Solution

Do you think drag-and-drop website builders are easy? Give our solution a try. We Make Real Estate Websites as Easy as 1…2…3

No need to spend hours dragging and dropping elements to build your site. From setting up hosting to integrating CRMs, we take care of everything. Host the website on your own servers and enjoy 100% control. Pay once and generate leads forever.

Choose a Template

Choose one of our high converting, device-friendly templates. Free marketing tools are included.

STEP   1

Place Your Order

Once you decide on a template, place your order. We will request content from you to populate the website pages.

STEP   2

Generate Leads

We will have your website ready within 7 working days. Start generating real estate leads as you get a fully functional website.

STEP   3

Free Marketing Tools

Our Highly Conversion-optimized Templates Feature a Range of Free Marketing & Lead Generation Tools.

  • Floating social sharing
  • Header Leads
  • Smart pop-up
Capture Leads

Our FREE marketing tools turn your website into a lead generation powerhouse.

Almost every section on the website features free marketing tools that include forms, sticky headers, pop-ups, floating social media icons, and much more…


Free Integrations

An End-to-End Solution that Include Set-up, Integrations, SEO and Conversion-optimization.

  • Set-up
  • Integration
  • SEO
A Complete Solution

No drag-and-drop. Easily customizable. No need to touch code.

All pages and necessary plugins installed and configured; content and image upload, contact form integration, custom colors and fonts. We will integrate your website with the email marketing tool, IDX, and CRM* of your choice.


Here at RealtyCrux, we have been working with real estate professionals and helping them grow their real estate business online for the past eight years. We are a team of SEO, PPC, and social media marketing experts. We design and develop websites in a way that allows you to leverage all aspects of digital marketing.


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Built on WordPress Platform

SEO-friendly & Conversion-optimized WordPress Websites

Wordpress Themes for Real Estate Agents

RealtyCrux Residence Pro

RealtyCrux Single Agent Pro

RealtyCrux Real Estate Search Pro


RealtyCrux Estate Pro

RealtyCrux Modern Design Pro

Let RealtyCrux Experts Create a Search Engine Optimized and Conversion-Friendly Real Estate Website for You

Get rid of monthly website costs with our one-time web development fee model.

One Time

$ 399

No recurring fee. You host your website on a server purchased by you.

One-time setup

Hosting setup

Cloudflare setup

Free Integrations (CRM, email marketing tool, social sharing)

Free in-built CRM

Free migration*

No recurring fee

#1 Best Seller




+ $199 set-up fee

Monthly subscription. We host your website and make sure that it’s running with optimal performance and security.Everything included in one-time, plus


Ongoing website management

Free backup

Regular updates

Free upcoming CRM features (email automation, text messaging, etc.)


Starting At

$ 699

Get a tailor-made website.

Everything in One-Time

Unique design

Personal branding

Free built-in CRM

Free integrations

Hosting setup

Cloudflare setup


You will need a web hosting service. We recommend WP Engine ($22/month) or Bluehost ($2.95/month). Check out this article that explains in detail the features that these two hosting services offer.

You will also need a website domain name. If you have signed up for an IDX service, we will integrate that for you. If not, we provide a free property listing plugin which enables you to upload listings manually.

Once you fill out this form, we will share a PayPal invoice. After it’s settled, you will receive an email within 24-48 hours (working days). A RealtyCrux representative will share with you a form requesting content and media to be uploaded to the website.

  • Number of words required for each section
  • Images and their size

The email will contain a link to a form for you to populate with all of your content that we will upload on your new site. These are items like your logo, page content, images and log-ins to your existing host (if you have one). The form allows you to save and return to continue if needed. If you don't provide the content, we will populate the website with semi-customized content after doing a basic research about business online.

We will set up your website within 7 working days after receiving the content. We normally complete the setup in 48 hours, but we commit to 7 days - just to be on the safe side.

Yes. However, for large sites, we may need to charge an additional fee. It will depend on an estimate of hours we will need to spend on redirecting URLs and taking care of other technical aspects.

We will upload the content, images, and necessary plugins and set up property search functionality. We will integrate Contact Form 7, Gravity Form, Calendly, and Yoast Plugin. We will run an SEO check and provide meta tags and descriptions for each page. If you use an email marketing tool such as Mailchimp or ConstantContact, we will integrate it with your website. We will also integrate your CRM (but not all CRMs are not included in the price). It means that you will get a fully functional website that looks like the demo.

You can request the following free of cost:

  • Cloudflare setup for website security
  • Custom colors
  • Custom fonts
  • Images
  • Content upload for up to 6 community pages
  • Content upload up to 6 blog posts
  • Social media integrations
  • Content upload for up to 10 agents
  • Content upload up to 10 pages

You can hire a RealtyCrux web developer/designer at an hourly rate starting at just $15/hour.

Most real estate professionals don’t know that many lead generation tools are available free of cost. But web development and design agencies charge a ridiculous fee (up to $400 per month) for features that are available at no cost. There are premium tools available in the market, but 90% of real estate professionals have no use for them. Our one-time fee model will help you save thousands of dollars as our website comes bundled with all necessary lead generation and marketing tools.

You can change content including text and images for any section of the website on your own. You don’t need to touch code for this. If you need advanced customization, you can hire a WordPress designer/developer. WordPress is the world's most popular CMS, so it's easy to get help. You can hire a RealtyCrux developer as well.

We have experience and knowledge in all aspects of real estate digital marketing. We keep these elements in mind when designing your website so that you get a better conversion rate when you drive traffic with SEO, PPC advertising, and social media marketing.

We are not a cooperation where you will need to deal with customer relationship managers or bots. You can reach out to us anytime via phone, skype or any other video/audio communication tool. In fact, the majority of our clients are connected with us via WhatsApp. We are a small team of very efficient and skilled professionals that pride themselves on an incredible customer satisfaction rate.

Yes! Since the website is hosted on your own server, you have full control. Besides, the website is built on the world’s most popular CMS – WordPress. It’s easy to customize.

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These guys are absolutely hands down incredibly amazing!! In life, I found most people are very specialized. A web developer doesn't know how to design... a content writer doesn't know how to build a site... and a site builder doesn't know how to create content. They have it all. And, their real estate knowledge is simply amazing!

Phillip Lowery

Houston, TX