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3 Real Estate PPC Strategies Working Great in 2023

3 Real Estate PPC Strategies Working Great in 2023

Try out these some of the best and latest Google Ads PPC strategies for real estate investors and Realtors.
3 Real Estate PPC Strategies Working Great in 2023

If you are a real estate agent or investor, planning to run a profitable Google PPC campaign, here are some of the questions you must be asking yourself:

When we – here at RealtyCrux – do consultation with Realtors and investors starting out with Google Ads, these are some of the most frequently asked questions that we come across.

While many variables determine how your PPC campaigns will likely perform, you should be aware of some of the latest strategies that are working great in 2022. If you utilize these PPC strategies for your real estate ad campaigns, you will find that it’s become a lot easier to start out with more confidence and knowledge. These strategies will help you automate the process and reduce the learning curve to a great extent.

Here is how:

Landing page strategy for PPC

This is one of the most ignored PPC strategies of all in my opinion. Landing page mistakes cost Realtors and investors big time when it comes to PPC conversion rate.

Here is an example:

I was doing PPC consultation with a Florida-based real estate investor recently. He was planning to target distressed sellers in five states with a budget of $15,00. He was also planning to network with local real estate investors in different cities of these five states for wholesaling. When I looked at the landing page that he was using for his PPC campaign, a glaring mistake stared back at me.

The investor was targeting distressed sellers and other real estate investors with the same landing page.

He was promising to buy properties from distressed sellers as-is at fair market value and at the same time, he was asking local investors to join his mailing list so that they can find deals substantially below market value in their area.

Do you notice a contradictory message on the landing page?

If I am a distressed seller, this would make me skeptical about the offer. It won’t take a genius to understand that the company promoting this offer would buy from me substantially below market value and resell to a local investor at a profit.

These types of landing pages would kill your conversions.

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Many real estate agents and brokers promote offers for home sellers and buyers on the same page.

You should avoid this mistake because how your landing page performs will have a great deal of impact not only on your conversion rate, but also the cost-per-click (CPC).

You need to make highly-specific landing pages that nicely represents the ad copy you are promoting. Even if it means you will need to create 10 different landing pages, you should do this.

real estate landing page for ppc

But the problem is that most Realtors and investors don’t have technical knowledge, budget and time to have 10 different landing pages designed.

Well, the good news is that the digital marketing automation has made it extremely easy to create ultra-specific landing pages.

Many digital platforms allow you to design landing pages on the fly. One of my favorite ones for real estate investors and Realtors is

carrot landing page

You can build a very effective landing page just by dragging and dropping different elements such as buttons, images, text etc in less than five minutes.

Bidding automation

As a Google Ads PPC expert, I love to bid manually. Honestly, I sometimes resent all the automation features that Google is introducing. The reason is that Google is controlling bids. I am old school and like to determine what I should pay for each click based on the specific ad objective of my clients.

Having said that, there is no denying the fact that Smart Bidding feature launched by Google has made campaign setting a lot easier for Realtors and real estate investors who are just starting out on the platform.

There are four types of Smart Bidding:

  • Target CPA: This Smart Bidding feature allows you to use the data from previous campaigns to determine the best bid for your ads
  • Target ROAS: This Smart Bidding feature is useful if you are just starting out with PPC ads and want Google to predict maximum cost per click (CPC) for you. This strategy focuses on Return on Investment in ads.
  • Maximize Conversions: This Smart Bidding feature focuses on maximizing conversions by adjusting bids in the ad auctions.
  • Enhanced CPC: This one is my favorite Smart Bidding feature as it allows you to use both manual bidding and automation. If you’ve set bids manually for your target keywords, Google can help you adjust bids for keywords that are likely to lead to more conversions.

These Smart Bidding features are getting more advanced with each passing year as Google makes advancements in machine learning.

Optimizing for Voice Search

How people search for homes and other types of properties on Google is changing.

More and more users are now using Voice Search to find information and products on Google.

You need to make sure that your Google ads are reaching people who are using Voice Search.

Studies indicate that people tend to pose questions or use long sentences when it comes to Voice Searches.

To optimize your Google ads for Voice Search, you should target long-tail real estate keywords. You kill two birds with this PPC strategy. Long-tail keywords are cheaper so your cost-per-click is reduced, and at the same time, your ads are displayed to people who are asking questions like

‘where to find homes under $200K near me?’

‘how to sell my home without a Realtor?’

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Have you used any of these real estate Google PPC strategies?

I would love to know how it worked if you have used any of these PPC strategies for your real estate Google Ads campaign.

If you haven’t used any of these, I would strongly recommend that you start testing them right away!

Google Ads PPC is undoubtedly one of the best ways to drive real estate leads; however, make sure that you leverage these strategies to make your campaigns profitable.

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