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Real Estate Google Ads Campaign
Setup & Management

Did you know real estate professionals waste over 75% of Google Ads PPC spend due to poorly optimized campaigns? Let our highly-skilled professionals set up a profit-focused Google Ads campaign for you with proven strategies. Turn wasteful ad spend into sustained profitability.

Affordable PPC Services

Real estate agents and investors starting out with Google AdWords usually have a small budget. Before scaling up their Google Ads PPC campaigns, they want to know if it'll work for them. For this reason, we set up a conversion-optimized PPC campaign at very affordable rates by using our proven strategies and in-depth knowledge from managing hundreds of real estate Google Ads campaigns. Once you start getting leads, you'll feel more confident working with us for an ongoing PPC management. Already running a campaign, but not getting leads? Well, let expert PPC professionals take a look at your account and optimize it for you.

Limited Time Offer

Google Ads Setup & Optimization

Normally $550 $ 199

Hire us to set up your PPC campaigns with Google AdWords. Competition Analysis, Ad Copy, and Landing Page Optimization Included!

Limited Time Offer

Ongoing PPC Management

Starting at just $ 199 /month

Includes everything - bid adjustments, keyword optimization, Max CPC adjustments, quality score improvement & much more...

What's Included in Google Ads Setup & Optimization

Optimized bidding strategy

We help you pick the best bidding & geo-targeting strategy depending on your budget and goals.

In-depth keyword research

Using the best industry tools such as Ahrefs and SEMRush, we do an in-depth keyword research.

Negative keywords list

We help you save money from day one by using our pre-built negative real estate keyword lists.

Landing page optimization

We optimize your landing page for a better conversion rate. It reduces your CPC and improves quality score.

Ad copy writing & optimization

We write multiple ad copies for each ad group. We specialize in ad copy writing with keyword relevancy.

Conversion tracking setup

We implement conversion tracking on your website, so that you can track how your ads are performing.

Max CPC optimization

We help you get more leads within your budget with our Max Cost-Per-Click (CPC) optimization strategies.

Ad extensions optimization

We help you get more real estate in Google search results and improve lead quality by optimizing ad extensions.

Advanced Google Ads scripts

We implement advanced Google Ads scripts to optimize the performance of your ads.

Competition analysis

We analyze your competition and come up with a bidding strategy accordingly.

7-day monitoring

We track CTR, CPC and conversion rate data and adjust the campaign settings over 7 days.

Free Google Ads course

We are in the process of developing a premium real estate PPC course. You'll get free access once it's launched.

Ongoing PPC Improvements

  • Manual bidding to lower cost

  • Best keyword match types

  • Quality score improvements

  • Competition analysis

  • Negative keywords optimization

  • Advanced Google Ads scripts

  • Multiple ad copies for each ad group

  • Keyword segmentation for ad groups

  • Retargeting setup

  • Max CPC optimization

  • Conversion tracking

  • Conversion code implementation

  • ROI conversion tracking

  • Google Analytics integration

  • Bid adjustments

  • Location targeting improvements

  • Ad extension optimization

  • Landing page optimization

  • Ad funnel optimization

  • Timely progress reports

Why Real Estate Google Ads PPC?

Most highly successful real estate agencies and professionals run PPC campaigns on Google and Bing. The reason is obvious: PPC campaigns are the most cost-effective way of getting targeted traffic.

Our Real Estate PPC management services are guaranteed to optimize your ads and get the best out of your advertising spend.

Why us for Real Estate Google Ads Management?

Real Estate Expertise

We work with only real estate professionals. We know exactly which keywords to target and which ones to exclude in order to maximize the performance of your ads. Our clients save up to 50% on cost-per-conversion and cost-per-lead.

Flexible Contract Terms

We understand that you would want a positive return on your ad spend. We optimize your campaign so that you get the best out of your ad spend. There are no long-term commitments and you can cancel anytime.

Dedicated & Manual Monitoring

As a reputed and trustworthy Google Ads agency, we’ll always have your best interest at heart. We believe in building long-term relationships and we understand that it is only possible if your campaigns are profitable. We manually monitor each and every ad and its performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does Google ads set up service benefit me?

    A conversion-optimized Google Ads account setup is one of the most important steps in making you PPC campaigns profitable. We have managed over 450 real estate Google Ads campaigns, so we know how to organize your account and optimize it for leads from day one.

  • Is this service for me?

    If you are a real estate agent, broker, real estate investor, multifamily syndicator, property management agency, mortgage broker, title inspection agency, settlement agency, and home inspection agency, this service is for you. We work with real estate professionals only.

  • Do you use any PPC tools?

    We normally set up manual bidding to give you a greater control over your PPC cost. For keyword research and competition analysis, we use industry leading tools such as Ahrefs and SEMRush.

  • Will the course be part of the setup fee?

    Yes, you will get access to the course free of cost. Alternatively, you can buy it separately.

  • Do I need to have a minimum ad budget to hire you?

    No, you don't. However, we recommend a monthly budget of at least $500.

  • Will you use my current AdWords account or a new one?

    It’s really up to you, but we’d prefer using your current one.

  • Will I have access to my ad account?

    Absolutely, you will have full access to your account.

  • Do you have any extra fees?

    No, everything is a flat monthly fee. We don't charge a percentage of ad spend. However, our monthly fee can vary depending on the number of campaigns and keywords.

  • How soon can you begin?

    Right away! Just fill out the form below. You will hear back from us within 12 hours.