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3 Awesome Ways to ‘Steal’ Real Estate Landing Page Ideas

3 Awesome Ways to ‘Steal’ Real Estate Landing Page Ideas

Four cool ideas that will let you spy on your competitors’ landing page strategies without costing you a penny.
3 Awesome Ways to ‘Steal’ Real Estate Landing Page Ideas

If you have got an irresistible value proposition to offer, you must use beautiful real estate landing pages to put it in front of as many prospects as possible.

But before promoting your offer through pay-per-click (PPC), Facebook advertising or any other type of marketing campaigns, you need to know a few things:

  • What kinds of landing pages are your competitors or the real estate industry in general using?
  • How are they using these landing pages to make people sign up for their offers?
  • What kind of a conversion funnel have they put in place?

As a real estate professional inexperienced in online marketing, it can be extremely difficult for you to come up with unique offers and equally unique designs and copy for your landing pages on a regular basis.


But, you can easily know what’s working in your industry by studying the strategies of other real estate professionals and your competitors. You can tweak their offers slightly and use the same conversion funnel to rake in leads, day in and day out.

How do you know which landing pages your competitors are using ? You will not find direct links to landing pages on the websites of most real estate professionals.

There are many tools that let you have a peek into your competitors’ strategies, but most of them aren’t free.

Here are four cool ideas that you can use to spy on your competitors’ landing page strategies (and, they won’t cost you a penny):

Google Search (but not the usual way)

By finding landing pages through Google search, I don’t mean using search terms such as:

‘Best real estate landing pages’

‘Free real estate landing pages’

‘Landing pages for realtors’

‘Real estate landing page ideas’

If you do these searches, you will get in the search results either blog posts or landing pages of the companies, selling landing pages.

Real Estate Landing Page Ideas -1

The trick is to use search terms which return results for landing pages that are being promoted by other real estate professionals.

Which search terms should you use depend on the type of your offer.

For example, if you want to use a real estate landing page to offer a free ebook for home sellers, you should search for:

‘How to sell your home fast + free ebook download’

If you want to promote a free seminar for buyers:

‘Free seminar for home buyers + register today’

If you use these search terms, you will find tones of landing pages being promoted by other real estate professionals. Go through them one by one and note down the most attractive features of each of these landing page.

Real Estate Landing Page Ideas - 2

Four things you need to pay attention to are:

Headlines: Length of the headline and the taglines used to entice the landing page visitors

Call-to-action: the color and text used for call-to-action buttons

Copy: Text used for explaining the value proposition

Credibility ingredient: How are they making their offer credible? How are they using testimonials and reviews?


Read the following article to know more about the most important elements of a landing page:

5 Tips for Increasing Conversion Rate of a Real Estate Landing Page

PPC campaigns

You should go through PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns of other real estate professionals.

Use search terms like:

‘Buy a home + your city’

‘Sell a home + your city’

‘Real estate + your city’

‘Homes for sale + your city’

You should then check out if any PPC advertisements appear above the organic search results.




If so, click each one of them. They will lead you to the company’s landing page. Since the advertisers are spending a lot of money to drive traffic to their landing pages, they should be high quality.

To come up with search terms with high commercial intent, you should use Google Keywords Planner tool.

Read the following article to know more:

3 Secrets to Keyword Research for Your Real Estate Website

Widgets in the sidebar

If you want to do a research on landing pages being used by your immediate competitors, the best place to look for them is the sidebar of their real estate website.

Most real estate professionals put a link to their landing pages in the sidebar.

If you don’t fine one there, you should look for pages saying ‘free download’, ‘register today’, ‘ebooks’, ‘seminar’, ‘guides’, ‘courses’ etc appearing anywhere on their site or opt-ins.

In conclusion

So, these were some basic tricks to find landing pages.

You can learn the best strategies being used by other real estate professionals for lead generation and use them for creating real estate landing pages that are highly optimized for conversion.

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