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Luxury Real Estate Marketing with Facebook Ads: The Definite Guide

Luxury Real Estate Marketing with Facebook Ads: The Definite Guide

In this guide, I am going to lay out a step-by-step strategy to market and advertise high-end real estate on Facebook:
Luxury Real Estate Marketing with Facebook Ads: The Definite Guide

Facebook is one of the best platforms to advertise high-end homes and luxury real estate in 2022. However, Facebook advertising for luxury real estate is absolutely different from that for regular properties.

You obviously wouldn’t want to market a luxury home the same way as a two-bedroom single-family home. You need to understand the preferences and psychology of high-end buyers, unique pricing and CMA strategies and several other things when marketing luxury homes. The fact that you are selling a lifestyle and a unique story about the property has a massive impact on the type of messaging and branding you should use for your ads.

It means that you can’t have the same approach when promoting these two absolutely different types of listings on Facebook.

While promoting luxury or high-end homes, you need to use certain types of targeting options and focus on specific demographics, interests and behaviors to reach the right audience and get the best out of your ad spend.

In this guide, I am going to lay out a step-by-step strategy to market and advertise high-end real estate on Facebook:

Before advertising luxury real estate on Facebook

We will talk about which Facebook targeting options to use and how to capture leads when promoting high-end homes in this guide, but first let’s get some basic stuff out of the way.

In order to start advertising on Facebook, you must have a Facebook page. I have seen a lot of real estate agents use their personal profile.

You probably already know that you can’t advertise with your personal Facebook profile. You need to set up a Facebook page to run ads.

A Facebook page gives you access to audience insights and a lot of other great tools that can help you reach the right audience to promote your offers and create brand awareness.

Once you have set up a Facebook page, you need to publish a lot of content that shows your expertise in luxury real estate marketing.

  • Facebook cover video/image

For your Facebook cover, I would recommend using a video that shows your expertise as a luxury real estate agent.

Most luxury real estate agents that I know focus heavily on leveraging video marketing.

Take a look at the following video (it’s quite easy to make):


  • Videos made of listing pics & listings videos

Take a look at the following video that is simply a collection of listing pics. It provides important details about a property in Austin, Texas including its listing price, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, size and address. Throw in some background music and you have got a beautiful listing presentation for Facebook promotion:

  • Achievement videos

You must have seen hundreds of videos from luxury agents showing off opulence and luxury, but take a look at the following one. It’s simple, but very effective. It’s from one of the most successful Realtors in the world: Chris Cortazzo (Malibu):

  • Image flyer Facebook posts

Click on the image in the following Facebook post. You can create similar image flyers and post them on Facebook.

  • Curated luxury real estate content and luxury home listing from other agents

You can curate content from authentic real estate news websites and share them with your Facebook followers and fans.

curated content facebook

You can also share luxury real estate listings from other agents.

  • Personal and inspirational quotes

Post personal and inspirational quotes from time to time. The posts should be beautifully designed. You can use free designing tools such as Canva to create a post similar to the one below:

  • Personal-branding videos

You need to understand the phycology of high-end home buyers and sellers and create personal branding videos accordingly. Take a look at the following one:

  • Other types of posts

o Videos and pics of all the homes sold by you in the paste. Use them as Facebook posts.
o Testimonial videos
o Luxury homes currently listed by you
o Real estate market trends
o Neighborhood videos

If you publish the types of posts I mentioned above, your Facebook page won’t look brand new. It’s important that if someone checks out your page, he or she should get an impression that you are a luxury real estate agent. It will immediately build trust for your brand.

Try to publish at least 100-200 posts and then start promoting your page. There should be at least 500-1500 likes on your page.

How to advertise luxury real estate listings on Facebook

Now that you have set up a Facebook page and got a few hundred likes, it’s time to start promoting your luxury, high-end home listing with Facebook Ads:

Her are a couple of recommendations I would make:

Determine your targeting options

When promoting luxury real estate, you need to cast a wider net as far as audience targeting is concerned.

The reason is that while you can focus on local buyers when promoting a regular home or condo, you need to come up with a completely different strategy for high-end real estate marketing because you may like to target buyers with different nationalities. For example, if you are a real estate agent in Silicon Valley, you may want to target Chinese buyers.

You can target people who like other Facebook pages that promote luxury real estate homes such as Sotheby’s International Realty, Compass, Douglas Elliman, Coldwell Banker Global Luxury and Christie’s International Real Estate.

You can also target affluent and high net worth individuals who are into extravagant lifestyle and interests such as cruises, luxury yachts etc. For example, we can target people living in a city who follow certain Facebook pages. Check out this Facebook page.

Create a Special Ads Audience (Lookalike Audience)

Once you start getting clicks on your Facebook Ads, you should create Lookalike Audience to target people with similar interests. If you are a luxury Realtor in the USA, you can’t use this feature. You will need to create ‘Special Ads Audience’.

To learn more, check out my article: Facebook’s Special Ads Category for Real Estate: Definitive Guide

Use retargeting feature

Using Facebook Pixel, we can retarget people who showed interest in this particular listing whenever you list another luxury home on the market in the future. This will reduce your cost-per-lead and cost-per-click substantially for future promotions.

Once you’ve narrowed down your audience, you can start retargeting people who download your listing brochure or watched the listing video.

Create Custom Audience

If you have data of potential buyers (phone number and/or email IDs), you can target them with Custom Audience feature.

Keep changing ad creatives

Keep changing your ad copy and visual assets from time to time to avoid ad fatigue.

When retargeting people, use different types of ads depending on how you are segmenting your audience.

For example, you can show ads promoting virtual tour, open house and best features of the property to same Facebook users at different times.

If you are struggling to get ideas about ad copy and visual assets for your Facebook, check out my recent articles:

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Final thoughts

When promoting a regular home or condo, you can simply use Facebook’s Pin Drop feature or location targeting to find potential buyers easily, but promoting luxury real estate listings is not that easy.

You may need to spend a lot of money on A/B testing and collecting data of potential high-end buyers from all over the world. It becomes easier to promote the next listings because you can use the data that Facebook collected from your previous promotions through Facebook Pixel and launch highly-targeted campaigns.

If you have any questions or feedback, let me know in comments!

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