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Complete Guide to Creating Home Valuation Landing Page [Examples Included]

Complete Guide to Creating Home Valuation Landing Page [Examples Included]

In this guide, I am going to explain what a home valuation landing page is and which features it must have for it to be effective.
Complete Guide to Creating Home Valuation Landing Page [Examples Included]

For home sellers, putting the right price tag on their property is the biggest challenge. In most cases, they start searching for ways to find a free property valuation tool online long before they list their home on the market. They use keywords such as ‘What’s My Home Worth’. You will get tons of seller leads if you can engage with them at this stage in their home selling journey. As a real estate agent or investor, you can offer an estimate on their home’s value at no cost and collect their contact details in exchange. A home valuation landing page is one of the best and easiest ways to capture these seller leads.

As a real estate digital marketing agency, we – here at RealtyCrux – specialize in creating standalone home valuation landing pages. In this guide, I am going to explain what a home valuation landing page is and which features it must have for it to be effective. I will also share some good home valuation landing page examples.

What is a home valuation landing page?

You must have heard of Zestimate. Zillow collects tons of seller leads with this feature. Based on a comparative market analysis (CMA) of properties listed in a similar location, Zillow provides home sellers an instant estimate of their property’s value.

The problem is that nine times out of ten, these estimates are not very reliable. As a Realtor, you are already aware that plenty of factors go into determining the value of a property – including the age of construction and recent renovations. Zestimate might leave out these factors when determining a property’s value.

instant home value estimator

This is where you can stand out. You can offer a free estimate which is not done instantly. You can have your leads fill out a form with as many details as possible about the property and then promise to send them a customized report in 24 hours or so.

For this, you can have a landing page on your website where you establish yourself as a neighborhood expert with testimonials, social proof, and other such elements.

I know many real estate agents who create a separate landing page for each community they serve. These landing pages lead sellers to a form on their main website where they fill out all the details. This can be a very productive part of your neighborhood farming campaigns.

Here is an example: Let’s say you are a real estate broker in San Jose, California. You have a main website catering to buyers and home sellers in San Jose. Now you can create one-page home valuation landing pages for specific neighborhoods such as Silver Creek, Evergreen, and Willow Glen.

Five must-have elements of home valuation landing page

You must have seen landing pages promoted by prominent companies as REMAX, Redfin, and Zillow. Most of these have a basic multi-step lead capture form where leads have to fill out the details of the property. For example, Zillow only has a lead capture form and an FAQ section.

For these companies, it’s enough to have only a lead capture form because they are big brands, but as an individual real estate agent, broker or investor, you need to go beyond that. Your landing page must have plenty of other elements to win the trust of your prospects. Here are a few elements that a home valuation landing page must have:

A multi-step form for collecting details

In order to provide an accurate estimate, you will need to collect plenty of information from your leads. It will be overwhelming for a seller if you ask them to provide all the details on the landing page itself, so you can create a multi-step form where sellers start out with providing their property address and move on to providing other details in a multistep form.

multi step form for what's my home worth landing page xlxl2ss

Zillow, Redfin, and RE/MAX landing pages are good examples of a multi-step landing page. The seller only has to provide the address on the landing page.

Alternatively, you can have a multi-step form on your main website. You can place a button on the home valuation landing page and link it to the multi-step form on the main website.

If you are budget conscious and don’t want to create multiple websites, you can create neighborhood-specific pages on your website and then like them to the free home evaluation tool page.

Keyword placement

If you are creating neighborhood-specific landing pages, then don’t forget to use relevant keywords such as ‘what’s my home worth in (neighborhood)’, and ‘free home valuation tool (neighborhood)’.

These keywords will help your landing page rank higher in Google search.

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Explain how your report stands out

All major players in real estate marketing including Zillow and Trulia offer free property value estimation service. Home sellers and even buyers looking to get an estimate of the homes that they want to purchase use these tools to get an instant estimate. In this scenario, why should they need you?

real estate market data for landing page

Well, you need to explain how your comparative market analysis (CMA) methodology is more accurate and what factors you take into account when estimating the value of a home in a specific location. You can also stand out by explaining how you are a neighborhood expert and have helped buyers and sellers in that area.

Don’t forget to mention that you will do the analysis manually and put personal experience to use, while other marketing companies only use data and this type of estimate can be off.

Testimonials and social proof

When you say you are a neighborhood expert, you should back up this claim with data, testimonials, and social proof.

seller testimonials for landing page

  • If you have sold a significantly high number of properties in your target neighborhood, you can promote the total sales value, for example – $100million residential real estate sales in (neighborhood name) or the number of clients served.
  • If you have plenty of Google reviews, don’t forget to mention this.
  • Any social proof such as testimonials and links to your social media accounts will help you win the trust of your leads.


FAQs are yet another great section to add to your landing page. You can use FAQs to not only answer the most frequently asked questions but also establish the authority of your report.

what's home worth landing page

You can provide details of your CMA process in the FAQ form. Here are a few questions you can include in this section:

  • How accurate will your estimate be?
  • What factors do you take into account when estimating value?
  • What is CMA?
  • Timeline (when will they get the report?)
  • How will they get the analysis (by email or by phone)

Try to include as many FAQs as possible.

Home value estimator landing page examples

Here are a few home valuation page examples that I really like:


REX – a non-traditional real estate agency –  uses data modeling and machine learning to match sellers and buyers of homes as accurately and speedily as possible.

rex landing page

What I like about their home valuation landing page is that they have all the necessary elements – testimonials, FAQs, unique selling proposition (how they save cost for home sellers),

Check out the REX page by clicking here

How to promote your ‘What’s My Home Worth’ landing page

A landing page is no good if you don’t promote it and use it to capture leads. Once you have a great-looking and conversion-optimized landing page, the next step is to figure out how you will drive targeted traffic to it. Here are a few ways to do this:

Share the link to your email subscribers

The easiest way to promote the free home valuation landing page is to create an email drip sequence and send them at a set frequency to the people who are already in your database. Make sure that you have segmented lists for buyers and sellers. You would obviously want to promote the landing page to only home sellers in a specific location.

You can also email the link to the people in your sphere of influence such as friends and family and ask them to share it with their neighbors and acquaintances.

Social media

You can run free and paid social media promotions to drive traffic to your landing page. For example, you can promote the landing page to homeowners in your target neighborhood by leveraging certain location targeting features provided by Facebook.

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PPC (pay-per-click)

If you are willing to invest in a PPC campaign, you can run highly-targeted on Google. Whenever someone searches for keywords such as ‘What is My Home Worth’ in your target neighborhood, your PPC ad linking to your landing page will appear on top of organic search results.

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I have already mentioned how to optimize your landing page for search engines. The use of targeted keywords throughout the content, a proper HTML structure, schema mark-up, etc are the SEO-best practices that you must follow.

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Need professional help with building your real estate landing page?

Here at, we specialize in real estate web development/design for real estate professionals. If you are looking for help with building your standalone landing page to promote a free home valuation offer, get in touch with us by filling out the form here.