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Real Estate WordPress Themes 2023: Which Ones Are Best & Why

Real Estate WordPress Themes 2023: Which Ones Are Best & Why

In this guide, I would recommend only one theme that I have found to meet most criteria. This theme follows all the SEO best practices.
Real Estate WordPress Themes 2023: Which Ones Are Best & Why

If you are building a real estate website on WordPress CMS, you have two options:

1): You can hire a designer-developer and have it custom-designed,


2): you can create it on your own by using a theme (alternatively, you can hire someone for minor customizations. It’s going to be a lot cheaper than having a website designed from scratch).

If you are going with the second option (which, nine times out of ten, is the right thing to do), you would want to know which real estate WordPress theme you should use to build a website for your business.

There are thousands of themes out there, so it can be a bit overwhelming to choose the right one. In a recent article, I discussed how to create a real estate website in under 30 minutes. In this guide, I would recommend only one theme that I have found to meet most criteria. This theme follows all the SEO best practices and is extremely easy to set up even if you have no technical expertise.

Best real estate WordPress theme: AgentPress Pro Theme + Genesis Framework

Before you read any further, you can check out the theme demo by clicking here.

Agentpress pro real estate theme demo

If you are not satisfied with the layout or typography, I would like you to know that it’s extremely easy to customize this theme.

Now that you have taken a look at the demo, let me explain some of the best features of this theme:

Regular updates

The theme has been designed by StudioPress, a well-known brand in WordPress theme development industry. They release updates on a regular basis to ensure that the theme follows the latest design and security standards.

genesis updates

Updates are free for lifetime – contrary to the common practice of annual support fee that most other theme development companies make you pay.

You can get it for free

StudioPress was recently acquired by WPEngine – the world’s oldest and most popular WordPress managed hosting service company. If you purchase WPEngine, you get AgrentPress Pro, Genesis Framework and all other StudioPress themes completely free of cost.

Click here to know more about WPEngine + AgentPress Pro bundle offer.

studiopress wpgine combo

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Property listings

This is one of the best features of AgentPress Pro. The property listing sections have been designed in such a way that your users will find it extremely easy to navigate through home listings.

The theme has custom post types and custom taxonomies enabled by default, giving you a variety of options when you upload property images, description, listing price and other details.

agentpress pro property listings

The theme comes bundled with AgentPress Listings Plugin which enables you to add many search options to the property listing search function on the frontend.

This feature further empowers your prospects as they can easily find the right property that suits all their needs.

IDX/MLS integration

AgentPress Pro supports most IDX/MLS integration providers. If you are a realtor in the USA, you would want to integrate your website with your area’s MLS so that you can receive listing feeds.

Realtyna which provides organic MLS integration and many other IDX providers officially support AgentPress Pro.

mls integration

Comprehensive documentation

You would need to hire a WordPress designer to customize most other real estate themes, but AgentPress Pro comes with a comprehensive documentation.

theme documentation

You can follow the instructions step-by-step to set up the theme on your own. You will learn how to customize the theme, which plugins you should upload and how to update the theme.

Follows best website coding standards

Before activating AgentPress Pro theme, you need to upload Genesis framework. This segregation between theme and framework makes sure that your website always follows the best coding standards.

You can make any changes you want to your theme without affecting the core functions which are stored in the framework.

Even if the framework is updated, any customization you may have made to the theme won’t get affected. I am trying to explain this whole thing in layman terms, but I hope you get the idea what I am talking about.

Genesis Framework has been coded in such a way that your website loads faster (a huge SEO factor these days). You can also be assured of the security of your website because Genesis Framework uses the latest versions of coding languages including HTML5 and PHP.

Mobile responsiveness

Most real estate WordPress themes are mobile responsive these days, so is AgentPress Pro.

By mobile responsiveness, I mean that your website will open beautifully in any screen size – be it an iPad or a mobile phone.

agentpress pro mobile

A wide range of theme customization options

You can easily tweak the theme design and customize your real estate website according to your taste and requirements.

  • AgentPress Pro offers four different color themes – red (default), blue, gold, and green. You can pick a color that you like or is consistent with your marketing collateral.
  • You can change the logo, menu links and header links with just a few clicks. You don’t need to have any knowledge of coding languages in order to customize these elements.
  • You can change the background image with just a few clicks.
  • AgentPress Pro makes it extremely easy to customize the content of the home page. In the theme customizer, you will find six homepage widgets to customize the content of almost every part of the homepage without touching any code.

genesis widgets

  • You can easily create a landing page with AgentPress Pro. The theme offers four different types of page formats which you can select when you create a new page.

AgentPress Pro real estate WordPress theme review

If you are planning to create a real estate website quickly, I would strongly recommend AgentPress Pro. As already mentioned, their documentation and support is outstanding. You get free lifetime updates and support.

In a scenario where you need advanced customization in order to meet your growing business demands in the future, you can hire a WordPress developer and designer. WordPress is easy-to-customize. You can move content easily on a fully customized website.

So which theme is your favorite? Let me know in comments!

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