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5 elements that will make your real estate landing page a raving success

5 elements that will make your real estate landing page a raving success

There is no better tool than a real estate landing page to let people know what value you can bring to the table with your special offers.5 elements that will make your real estate landing page a raving success

There are a variety of strategies you can use to bolster your real estate marketing campaigns.

  • You can run PPC adverts.
  • You can offer free counseling or free home evaluation.
  • You can organize seminars to educate your prospects on the process of a property’s transaction.
  • You can offer substantial discounts on special occasions.
  • You can also offer free ebooks.
  • Or, you can hold competitions and community events.

To ensure that your campaigns are successful, you will need to advertise the accompanying offers and events ahead of time.

There is no better tool than a real estate landing page to let people know what value you can bring to the table with your special offers. In fact, a real estate landing page can be at the center of all your marketing campaigns. If email marketing is a prominent part of your lead generation strategy, you can’t miss out on the opportunities that real estate landing pages can throw your way.


Many real estate agents don’t use landing pages at all. Some others who give them a try don’t know how to leverage the benefits. It is primarily because they don’t know what landing page elements they need in order to make them a raving success.

In this in-depth article, let’s discover the most important elements of a real estate landing page:

The unique selling proposition (USP) in the headline and sub headline

If you are going to use a real estate landing page to offer an ebook to home sellers, you should first come up with a USP.

The success of any marketing campaign – in real estate or any other industry – depends on how unique your selling proposition is. You won’t bring any value to your prospects if the headline of the ebook says ‘How to Sell Your Home’. There is already enough free content on this subject your prospects have access to online. Why will they offer you their email address if you are not offering something unique?

In order to come up with a captivating headline, try to understand the pain points of home owners planning to sell their homes. Identify a problem that you come across most frequently while dealing with your existing and previous clients.

Are homes staying too long on the market in your area?

If so, you need to ask yourself – do I have a solution to this problem? Do I have a proven system that can help home owners sell their properties within a week?

It’s a great USP. The headline of your landing page can be something like this:

‘How to Sell Your Home within a Week’

Now you can use a supporting sub-headline to establish authenticity of your claim or let your prospects know about additional benefits of your value proposition.

Can they sell their home within a week of putting it on the block without spending money on marketing?

Can they sell their home without spending thousands of dollars on costly repairs and remodeling work?

Did you help home owners sell within the first week, using a proven strategy? Can you give a specific number of home sellers who have benefited from this strategy?

All these could make for a great sub-headline or reinforcement statement.

The headline of your landing page should explicitly express what your prospects will get from the page. It should grab their attention by assuring them a solution that they must have been seeking out for a long time. Don’t be clever (play around with words) when choosing text for your landing page’s headline. Be CLEAR. It’s very important.

Your headline should consist of only a few, and the most essential words. Don’t try to explain everything. You can use sub heading text to explain your value proposition in more detail or establish authority of your offer.

Image or video

This comes immediately after headline and sub-headline and it features an attention-grabbing image or the video to go with your offer.

A great way to make this section attention-grabbing is to have it feature your professional image. If you are offering an ebook, the image can show you holding a visually appealing book in your hands against a white background. It can also have a video in which you explain the main features of the ebook.

It will greatly personalize and add authenticity to your offer.

An Opt-in form and call-to-action button

You can have the image or video section on the left side of the page below headline, while an opt-in form or call-to-action button on the right side. If not, you can have the opt-in and call-to-action button below the image or the video section.

It’s a great strategy to have an opt-in form on your real estate landing page. Keep the mandatory fields in the opt-in form to bare minimum. Your prospects will hesitate to provide too much information and may choose not to opt for your offer. You should ask for phone number, address and other details only if your offer is too good to resist. Otherwise keep the fields limited to name and email address.

The background of the opt-in form and the call-to-action should stand out from the rest of the page’s background.

If you are only having a call-to-action button (that leads your prospect to another page of your website like a home evaluation calculator), you can use the button multiple times on your page at many different places. Make sure that its background color stands out from the page’s background color.

Detailed value proposition in a bullet or list format

If your ebook educates your prospects on ‘how to sell a home within a week without spending money on costly repairs’, you can further describe the benefits of your offer in a bullet or list format.

When you describe the additional benefits, it’s important not to ramble on and keep them to the point. Never ever your landing page feel like it’s full of text. The most successful landing pages are those where visitors don’t have to scroll down on a computer screen to view the entire content. In other words, your page should fit the computer screen.

Popularity of your offer and a sense of urgency

You can dedicate a section of your page to establish how popular your offer is. If you have received, let’s say, more than a thousand sign-ups for your ebook, you can prominently feature this popularity in this section. You can also provide a testimonial from a customer, including a photo for added believability. The testimonial will show how the ebook helped the customer sell his or her home within a week.

You can also create a sense of urgency with a deadline when your offer will expire. If you are offering a free home evaluation, you can urge home onwers to take advantage of it before a specific date or time.


These are the most essential elements of a real estate landing page. In most cases, these are all what you’ll need to quickly construct an effective landing page for your real estate marketing campaigns. Stuffing your landing page with unnecessary sections, navigational links and too much text will only distract visitors. As I mentioned earlier, the best landing page are those where visitors don’t have to scroll down to view content.

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