3 creative Facebook marketing ideas pros use for real estate leads  

Instead of giving up or mindlessly using Facebook for posting property listings only, you need to get a bit creative in order to engage prospects with your page.

Are you new to using Facebook for real estate leads?

Or have you been using it for years without getting any traction?

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you are not alone. Unfortunately most real estate professionals find themselves completely lost on this social media platform. There is so much competition in the real estate industry to get leads from Facebook that it’s hard to get your brand noticed, particularly if you haven’t budgeted for paid marketing.

Instead of giving up or mindlessly using Facebook for posting property listings only, you need to get a bit creative in order to engage prospects with your page.

In this article, let’s discover how smart real estate professionals are using some awesome features of Facebook to rake in leads:

Using ‘Services’ tab as Call-to-Action

You may be using tabs in the left sidebar of your page to promote property listings and your expertise at helping people buy and sell homes, but some smart real estate professionals have turned this feature into an incredibly strong call-to-action.

Take for example the Facebook page of Queens Home Team at Keller Williams Realty. They have used the Services tab to promote their giveaways and offers.

They are promoting their free consultation services, free home buyer planning sessions and a free appraisal offer. Since this post remains on the top of the news feed even if the page is updated with a new post, the first thing a visitor will come across after landing on the page is these offers.

If you are wondering how to create ‘Events’ with Facebook, it’s actually very easy.

Click the ‘Manage Tabs’ link on your Facebook page’s left sidebar (if it’s not already visible) and hit ‘Add a Tab’ button on the new screen.

Select ‘Services’ from the options. Go back to the left sidebar and click the ‘Services tab’. Add your offer’s name, price and description before publishing it. That’s it!

Integrating your page with Twitter

Another great feature of a Facebook page is that you can add your Twitter and Google+ accounts to it, so if a visitor wants to stay connected with you on Twitter, he can simply hit the ‘Follow’ button or view your tweets without even leaving your Facebook page.

A good example is the Facebook page of Massada Home Sales.

They have integrated Twitter and Google+ with their Facebook page.

You would need to install ‘Twitter App’ in order to add your Twitter account to Facebook.

Search for ‘Twitter App’ in the search feild appearing on the top of your page and follow the instructions.

Using Facebook page to promote events

Event organization must be at the core of your real estate marketing strategy if you want people to engage with your brand.

Whether you are organizing a buyers seminar or a fundraising event at a local school, you can promote it with ‘Events’ tab.

Jacksonville realtor Daniel Lewis is using this tab nicely.

People wanting to participate in the event have to hit the ‘Interested’ button appearing below the event post in the news feed.

Setting up an ‘Events’ tab is pretty much the same as setting up a ‘Services’ tab.

Go to Manage Tabs > Add a Tab and select ‘Events’. Fill up the information on the screen that pops ups.

And you are done!


These are some creative Facebook marketing ideas that you can start using for real estate leads right away.

You don’t need any technical expertise to set up these tabs and they won’t take too much of your time, but they can help engage your prospects with your page.

If you don’t get too many likes or engagement even after using these tabs, you would at least add some diversity to your Facebook page. It’s much better than updating your page with property listings day in and day out.

These tabs will also compel you to think out of the box and come up with unique offers and events to generate leads.

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Ekta Sharma

Ekta Sharma

Ekta is the co-founder of RealtyCrux. She helps real estate businesses script success stories with her implacable writing and digital marketing skills. Under her guidance, her team creates unique real estate website designs with great user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), logos, landing pages, infographics and lead funnels.